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As a veteran financial professional with over 30 years' experience in advising families in all stages of life, Wealth and Honor serves as an educational and supportive community to families dealing with the financial and personal challenges of advanced age transitions. Whether you are an older adult needing your own advanced age transition plan, or the adult child of aging parents concerned with your role as financial caregiver, I am here to help guide you and your family through these challenges in such a way that both wealth and honor are preserved. 



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Planning for the Financial Support of Parents
Posted by David Russell

"I am so mad at my mother!"

So begins Steve Martin’s monologue in his 1977 comedy album, “Let’s Get Small.” He continues,

“I don’t know…she’s 102 years old. She called me up the other day and wanted to borrow ten dollars for some food! I said,...Read More

7 Ways to Start a Conversation About Money with Aging Parents
Posted by David Russell

A question I am often asked is “How do I begin the conversation with my parents?” I always answer, “Very carefully.” The truth is there is no one best way to begin the conversation. So much of it depends on circumstances and personality. Circumstances - usually health issues - may...Read More

Lintz vs Lintz
Posted by David Russell

In this premier episode of Wealth and Honor - The Case Files, I examine the case of Lintz vs Lintz. It is the unfortunate case of a third spouse - twice married to the same individual - who manipulates her aging husband into amending his estate plans to leave more...Read More

Honor is a Verb
Posted by David Russell

Honor (def). to hold in honor or high respect; revere: to honor one's parents.

This month I have watched honor in action. I have watched my wife honor her mother by showing up – daily – to help my mother-in-law move from her house of nearly 40 years to...Read More

Will elder care surpass child care as the work-family issue of the 21st century?
Posted by David Russell

Will elder care surpass child care as the work-family issue of the 21st century? I think so. As baby-boomers age - with over 10,000 baby-boomers turning 65 every day - we may be approaching a time when there are more employees leaving the workforce to care for a parent than...Read More

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